By Matt Fleming and Jarrod Jones. This is the ANTI-MONITOR podcast, where the CIA’s got us pushing too many pencils. This week, Jarrod and Birdy go on at length about John McTiernan’s ‘Predator’, an apex-Schwarzenegger romp filled to the brim with bullets, biceps, and brio. And speaking of relentless machismo, the fellas also talk about their feelings concerning ‘Dawn of Justice’. And to keep Jarrod from choking on his bile, they brought in Molly Jane Kremer for support. Superheroes!

As always be wary for any spoilers throughout, and please enjoy.


ANTI-MONITOR: MATT — Simply put, 1987’s Predator is a highlight of ‘80s action excess. John McTiernan crams enough guns, guts and gore into 100 minutes to qualify as a classic before you even read the cast list. Arnold Schwarzenegger is at his prime as the leader of a ragtag bunch of mercs who have no idea what lies ahead, and that crew includes both Apollo Creed and Jesse “The Body.” Before you even realize what the plot has in store, you have the makings of a hit. Why not add an iconic extra-terrestrial to boot?

Predator remains the paramilitary movie we just can’t top. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ol’ Yautja show up in a fourth Expendables joint. Would I see that flick? Hell yes.

While its sequels will never stand up to the original, Predator lives in a cultural vacuum; if you love it, then no matter how many times you’ve seen it you’re always ready for another viewing. Arnold’s iconic quotes featured herein are guaranteed to make someone smile, and that’s more than most shoot-‘em-ups can ever hope to offer.

ANTI-MONITOR: JARROD — As an exercise in balancing ultraviolence with good humor, Predator remains an incredible success. Just as it lures you in with a murderer’s row of charismatic leads, it snares you in its slasher-movie-on-steroids dread.

Just like Jaws made audiences terrified of water with long, terrifying shots of an ocean where a monster lies in wait, Predator utilizes its jungle surroundings to amplify your already frayed nerves. Every successive step leads this pack of mercenaries, led by a never-better Arnold Schwarzenegger, closer to their definitely-painful doom. It’s a movie that will definitely make you flinch, but you absolutely cannot look away.

CONSENSUS: Predator remains a top-notch action flick, featuring a peak performance from Arnold Schwarzenegger at his grinning, quipping best.  7 out of 10

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