Written by Jeff Parker and Michael Moreci.
Art by Dan Parent, J. Bone.
Colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick.
Letters by Jack Morelli.
Cover A by Michael Allred, Laura Allred.
Cover B by Rick Burchett, Rosario “Tito” Peña.
Cover C by Matthew Dow Smith.
Cover D by Robert Hack.
Cover E by Wilfredo Torres and Kelly Fitzpatrick.
Cover F by Michael Walsh.

The cross-over craziness continues! In order to know what they’re up against in Riverdale, Batman realizes he needs a bit more information—and the only way to get it is to send an undercover Robin and Batgirl to Riverdale High! What school-time shenanigans will the Boy Wonder and the Darknight Damsel partake in once they cross paths with the likes of Reggie Mantle or Jughead Jones? Don’t miss this mini-series event that DoomRocket says “has all the cultural winks and nostalgic infusions a comics fan could hope for!

Enjoy this five-page (and six-cover) preview of Archie Meets Batman ’66 #2, courtesy of Archie Comics and DC!

$3.99 | E | AUGUST 15

From Archie Comics: The historic crossover mini-series continues! Batman’s received a panicked call from Riverdale and he sends Robin and Batgirl with one caveat—they must disguise themselves as high school transfer students!