by Jarrod Jones. What we are isn’t all we are, a lesson Kent Armstrong is learning the hard way in Area 51: The Helix Project.

Following a blistering run of fully-funded Kickstarter campaigns, Area 51: The Helix Project has entered its fifth phase and its thrilling penultimate issue. From Pocket Watch Press, brainchild of former YouTube creator Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz, Area 51‘s byzantine sci-fi conspiracies, Cold War ennui, and identity crises have reached an apex that will radically change everything you know about Kent’s story thus far. In this critical final stretch, Area 51: The Helix Project can use your help.

Area 51: The Helix Project unites Fernandes-Lenkiewicz with artist Samuel Iwunze, colorist Marcio Freire, and letterer Taylor Esposito, and under the Pocket Watch Press banner the series has thrived from four successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns. The story follows Kent, who has lived for the last 15 years in the shadow of his father’s death and a family secret that is about to spill over onto the international stage. Kent’s an alien, and his extraterrestrial heritage has become a key factor in the mysterious Helix Project, an off-the-books military-based project that transplants alien DNA into American soldiers. Led by the darkly driven Colonel Winters, the success of Project Helix will give the United States what it needs to finally eliminate its deadly rival, the Soviet Union, once and for all. The Cold War could finally be won… but at what cost?

“When it comes down to it, stories need to be entertaining, yes, but they’re an expression of experience and thought when you boil it all down,” Fernandes-Lenkiewicz says in Pocket Watch’s official press release. “We all struggle to find comfort in identity, and even further, to be proud of who we are in a world that is constantly trying to tell us otherwise.

“This world is not safe, and in some regards—particularly when it comes to the pursuit of passion, dreams, and identity—it never will be.”

As its fifth Kickstarter campaign reaches its final days, Area 51: The Helix Project could use your support. Enjoy this 7-page series teaser preview courtesy of Pocket Watch Press, and make sure to contribute to this exciting sci-fi dazzler today; gauging from the pages below and the knowledge of what’s come before in this crazy sci-fi series, the payoff is bound to be enormous.

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