Written by Brian Azzarello, Denny O’Neil and others.
Art by Greg Capullo, Neal Adams and others.
Colors by FCO Plascencia.
Letters by Travis Lanham.
Cover by Greg Capullo and FCO Plascencia.

Not all witches scuttle around on broomsticks and query magic mirrors to dish on insider Ugly Secrets. Some, as written by Brian Azzarello and drawn by Greg Capullo, pole flat-bottomed boats around the fetid bayou and still make their hocus-pocusing look good. “Hollow” is the all-new Swamp Thing adventure featured in the one-shot Swamp Thing Halloween Horror Special #1, on sale this Sunday, October 7 at Walmarts everywhere.

We’re along for the trick-or-treating wraith ride in this four-page preview, as an enchanting young woman imparts keen insights regarding monsters. That wisdom includes a certain giant plant elemental, because whoever said all monsters are wicked? It may well be that the young revelers’ masks hide something far more diabolical.

That said, Swamp Thing has seldom looked more nightmarish than in Capullo’s All Hallows rendition. The thinning of barriers between our world and the next may cause even the noblest portal guardians a measure of distress. Readers can compare for themselves, because part of this Special includes the very first Swamp Thing story from 1971’s House of Secrets #92, as birthed from the fertile imaginations of co-creators Len Wein and artist Bernie Wrightson. The rest of this 100-page Giant includes great past terror tales involving everyone from Aquaman to the Scarecrow, in a Samhain parade worthy of Rutland, Vermont!

Sample the scares with this four-page Halloween treat, courtesy of our friends at DC!

$4.99 | OCTOBER 7

From DC: This 100-Page Giant sells for $4.99 and includes several classic fright-filled stories from DC’s history, led by the iconic HOUSE OF SECRETS #92 from 1971, which features Swamp Thing’s very first appearance, written and drawn by co-creators Len Wein (writer) and Bernie Wrightson (artist). 1971’s “Night of the Reaper,” from BATMAN #237, features two more giants of superhero storytelling, writer Denny O’Neil and artist Neal Adams, telling a Halloween tale of revenge and the search for a Nazi war criminal.

2007’s DC INFINITE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL also contributes to this issue, with stories featuring DC heroes Superman (“Strange Cargo”), Blue Devil and Enchantress (“The Pumpkin Sinister”) and Zatanna (“Kcirt ro Taert”). The book also reprints a Batman tale from the 2008 DC INFINITE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, “The Ballad of Jonathan Crane,” as well as “Night Gods” from 2010’s THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, starring Aquaman and the Demon.

The SWAMP THING HALLOWEEN HORROR SPECIAL ships to stores today and should arrive in participating Walmart stores throughout North America by Sunday, October 7. To find your nearest Walmart location, check out the store finder page at www.walmart.com.