Written by Brian Azzarello.
Art by Maria Llovet.
Cover A by Paul Pope.
Cover B by Lee Bermejo.
Cover C by Tula Lotay.

We told you Maria Llovet was going to be getting up to no damn good in 2019. Now she’s expanding her talents towards Faithless, an original new series that serves as “an erotic depiction of faith, sex, and the devil, in the tradition of the Divine Comedy.” It comes courtesy of BOOM! Studios this week.

Faithless is in keeping with BOOM! Studios’ expansive reach into more adult-oriented content, and as such, they’ve wrangled a writer who’s no stranger to totems and taboo. Brian Azzarello joins Llovet in a series that’s so, um, “adult”, that we fell compelled to share a content warning here: beware the kinky shit to follow.

We’ll let Brian describe Faithless the only way he knows how—the Azzarello way:

“FAITHLESS is a black pearl born over a shared platter of oysters on a summer night in Los Angeles. It’s amazing what those briny jewels can spark,” Azzarello said in the official press release. “Maria’s work inspires me, and what Sierra [Hahn, Executive Editor] is pulling together I find exciting. I think what we’re doing here, our total approach, is pretty unique in comics. The last thing I ever want to do is repeat myself. Well, these are beautiful, dark, uncharted waters.”

Llovet echoed Azzarello’s enthusiasm for Faithless. “I’m thrilled to be part of this team and this project. Brian created a cool bunch of characters who I loved instantly—it feels as if the script was made to measure because it touches many subjects and themes I’ve loved exploring in my career.”

April 10 is not so far away, but to sate your eyes here’s an uncensored 7-page preview of Faithless #1 (including a variant cover by Lee Bermejo), courtesy of BOOM! Studios!

$3.99 | M | APRIL 10

From BOOM! Studios: Faith. Sex. The Devil. Faith likes to dabble with magic. Her friends think it’s cute-and not just a little off-putting, but it’s part of her charm and her warped search for purpose in a world that makes too much sense. But she’s a true believer and knows there is a power within her reach. She’s right, of course. It just took a while for that magic, that temptation, that unknowable thing to find her… In short- Faith is bored as hell. And Hell has noticed. New York Times bestselling writer Brian Azzarello ( 100 Bullets , Batman: Damned ) and artist Maria Llovet ( Loud ) with Eisner Award winning artist Paul Pope on covers coalesce in a story of self-exploration, eroticism, and maybe even love.