Written by John Allison.
Art by Max Sarin.
Colors by Whitney Cogar.
Letters by Jim Campbell.
Cover by Max Sarin.

Will they? Won’t they? Spare me? The ongoing quasi-romance between Esther and Ed continues this Wednesday as Giant Days delves even further into the churning conflict engine we call the heart of Esther de Groot. Fickle-hearted readers be warned! Upon reading the latest issue of this incredible, Eisner nominated series, the more capricious of you out there may feel, as the kids these days are wont to say, “attacked.”

Submitted for your approval is this five-page preview of Giant Days #42, courtesy of BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios. Autumn has only just begun but in the world of Giant Days winter is here, and it is one of marked discontent for poor, conflicted Esther. (Please pardon my patently unnecessary Dickensian reference.) Months have passed since our doofy friend Ed drunkenly confessed his love to Esther in a flight of ill-advised romantic fancy, and now the star-crossed dinguses share a domicile together. Whatever are these kids to do?

John Allison’s Eisner nominated banter is on fire as usual, likewise the lovely, loose character work from also-Eisner-nommed Max Sarin. Enjoy the R.E.M. reference as I did, and enjoy another chapter from one of comics’ finest ongoing series of… all time? Yes, yes I think “all time” will do.

All time. Giant Days. Don’t let them pass you by.

$3.99 | T | SEPTEMBER 5

From BOOM! Box and BOOM! Studios: Nominated for a 2018 Eisner Award! With the air still clouded with weirdness in Esther and Ed’s shared house, Esther contemplates what it is that’s still standing between them and making everything feel…icky. The question is, does Esther want to kiss, or just to make up.