Cover to 'Going to the Chapel' #1. Art: Lisa Sterle/Action Lab: Danger Zone
Cover to ‘Going to the Chapel’ #1. Art: Lisa Sterle/Action Lab: Danger Zone

Written by David Pepose.
Art by Gavin Guidry.
Colors by Liz Kramer.
Letters by Ariana Maher.
Cover A by Lisa Sterle.
Cover B by Maan House.
Cover C by Gavin Guidry.

It’s wedding bells for Emily Anderson, but it just might be curtains for her future!

After a whirlwind romance Emily’s Big Day is finally here, but she can’t shake off a wicked case of cold feet. What’s making her second-guess the biggest decision of her life? Could it be that Mr. Right is only Mr. Right Now? That matrimony is for chumps (statistically speaking, anyway)? Or is she picking up on all the doom that waits for this reluctant Bridezilla just outside the chapel doors?

Lovers of Tarantino (particularly Kill Bill) would do well to pop that crucial question to their local comic retailer: “Will you order Going to the Chapel #1 for me?”

From writer David Peopse (Spencer & Locke), artist Gavin Guidry (The Death Defying), colorist Liz Kramer, and letterer-supreme Ariana Maher (Nancy Drew) comes an all-new limited series that promises to be one naughty nuptial!

Check out this advance review of Going to the Chapel #1, courtesy of Action Lab: Danger Zone!

$3.99 | T+ | FALL 2019

From Action Lab: Danger Zone: Get ready to say yes to distress in GOING TO THE CHAPEL, an insanely action-packed romantic comedy from Ringo Award-nominated writer David Pepose (Spencer & Locke) and rising star artist Gavin Guidry (The Death Defying) at Action Lab: Danger Zone. Emily Anderson’s big day had become the wedding from hell — and that was before the bank robbers showed up. What do a conflicted bride, her dysfunctional family, a gang of Elvis-themed crooks, and one relentless sheriff have in common? They’re all about to discover love is the ultimate hostage situation. Fans of Sex Criminals, Jessica Jones, and 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank will say “I do” to GOING TO THE CHAPEL, available in comic shops and on digital devices Fall 2019!

“Dating back to my catastrophic turn as best man for my oldest friend’s wedding, GOING TO THE CHAPEL has been an irreverent passion project long in the making,” said series writer David Pepose. “Think Die Hard at a wedding — or Dog Day Afternoon meets The Runaway Bride. With our unique mashup of action, humor, romance, and heart — not to mention our sprawling, diverse, and downright dysfunctional cast — fans of romcoms and thrillers alike are going to find lots to love about our offbeat and eclectic series.”

“GOING TO THE CHAPEL offered some really exciting challenges for me as an artist, including a solid, singular setting and a huge cast to play with,” added series artist Gavin Guidry. “Between the moments of action and comedy, our whole cast of characters were a blast for me to work with, and because our book touches upon so many different tastes and genres, I’m excited for folks to have a chance to read it.”