Archie Meets Batman' 66 #4ARCHIE MEETS BATMAN ‘66 #4
Written by Jeff Parker and Michael Moreci.
Pencils by Dan Parent.
Inks by J. Bone.
Colors by Kelly Fitzpatrick.
Letters by Jack Morelli.
Cover by Michael Allred and Laura Allred
Variant Covers by Rebekah Isaacs, Les McClaine, Joe Quinones, Chip Zdarsky, and Billy Tucci with Paul Mounts.

There’s more than one way to put a spell on you. For the adults of Riverdale, a siren’s song placed them under the thrall of United Underworld. For the teens, a more personal form of enchantment’s required. We’ve all crushed on our teachers, but Miss Kitka isn’t just any substitute. She’s enlisting the student bodies of Riverdale High to comply with her villainous schemes in issue #4 of Archie Meets Batman ’66.

Archie Comics also has varying dweomers to bring you aboard for their crossover. The issue #4 cover variants below, for example. Top artists contribute to the fun of this dream teaming with clever combination scenes-that-shoulda-been, based on the classic television series and the corresponding Archie era.

Fun doesn’t stop with the covers. Inside, Batman faces the challenge of his foes unified, Batgirl and Robin work undercover to weaken the evil alliance, and Jughead is at the mercy of the Joker.

Archie Comics also gives us a peek at interior pages from #4, coming out on Halloween. Consider this an extra treat in your candy bag!

$3.99 | OCTOBER 31

From Archie Comics: In Gotham, it’s Jughead vs. the Joker! Meanwhile, back in Riverdale, all the boys are under the spell of the mysterious new teacher. With the heroes in the throes of a death trap will Batman be able to save Riverdale before it’s too late?