Written by Jed MacKay.
Art by Danilo Beyrouth.
Covers by Kyle Hotz.

Hell’s Kitchen is be-Deviled no more, but how do those left behind cope with a world devoid of Daredevil? This January, Marvel launches a weekly series to explore the answer in Man Without Fear. Foggy Nelson, Elektra, the Defenders, and Mayor Wilson Fisk don’t have a lot in common, but they’re all facing chaotic consequences erupting in the absence of the Guardian Devil.

There are other street-level champions, those who’ve assisted Matt Murdoch before in his quest for justice. They’ve been allies, spokes in a wheel of support, but all wheels require a hub. Whoever succeeds Murdoch in the aftermath of Death of Daredevil must be driven, determined, and absolutely a Man Without Fear.

Issue #1 goes on sale January 2, 2019. And while we ponder who could fill those fiery red boots, what indomitable man or woman is worthy to claim his infernally frustrating and perilous throne, Marvel Comics has provided this preview of five Kyle Hotz covers!


From Marvel: Daredevil is NO MORE! But the mayhem in Hell’s Kitchen waits for no one, and this January, a weekly series asks the question that everyone is grappling with – how DO you live in a world without Daredevil?

MAN WITHOUT FEAR brings together the heroes and villains of Hell’s Kitchen to face the chaos and disorder of a city without a Guardian Devil, including Foggy Nelson, the Defenders, the many loves of Matt Murdock, and Wilson Fisk, formerly the Kingpin of crime, now the Mayor of New York…

In the wake of the DEATH OF DAREDEVIL, Hell’s Kitchen will need a protector… and whoever he is, he’ll need to be A MAN WITHOUT FEAR!