Preview: 'Morbius: The Living Vampire'

by Jarrod Jones. Morbius! “He who hungers as no man should hunger!” Steve Gerber’s captions read in Vampire Tales #1. Morbius! “He who thrives on blood torn from others’ veins!”

The written style of comics have changed some since 1973, but the nigh-operatic tragedy of Michael Morbius remains, just as his bloodlust has remained. As long as Morbius has stalked the wayward denizens of darkness, so too has he been hounded by a desire to drink, to rend, to rip… and now, finally, the monster inside Michael Morbius has to be put down once and for all.

Which brings us to Morbius: The Living Vampire #1, out this week from Marvel. Writer Vita Ayala’s tapped a very specific vein and drawn from it a vital elixir of classic horror and contemporary action. (And, perhaps most tantalizingly, a new nemesis for our Living Vampire.) As rendered by artists Marcelo Ferreira and Roberto Poggi, Morbius’ nightly hunt has never had such a visceral charge. Dono Sánchez-Almara provides the colors that lurk from Ferreira & Poggi’s shadows—splashes of blood, to be sure, but more than that, the ghastly pallor of Morbius in his savagery.

Look at the pages provided by Marvel below, see the compounded dread in the panels as Morbius lurks just outside of them, and know that the double-page splash that follows in Morbius: The Living Vampire #1 will be worth the asking price alone. There’s a grand reveal of the dread fright known as Morbius coming this week—do not miss it!

$3.99 | T+ | NOVEMBER 13

Written by Vita Ayala.
Art by Marcelo Ferreira.
Inks by Roberto Poggi.
Colors by Dono Sánchez-Almara.
Letters by VC’s Clayton Cowles.
Cover by Ryan Brown.
Variant cover by Greg Land, Frank D’Armata.
Variant cover by Kyle Hotz, Dan Brown.
Variant cover by In-Hyuk Lee.
Connecting Variant by Juan José Ryp, Brian Reber.



For years, Nobel Prize winning biologist Michael Morbius has been struggling to cure himself of his vampirism, and now, for the first time in years, one may be within reach! But the path to it is littered with dangers and worse!