Written by Aleš Kot.
Art by Tradd Moore.
Colors by Heather Moore.
Letters by Clayton Cowles.
Design by Tom Muller.
Cover A by Tradd Moore, Heather Moore and Tom Muller.
Cover B by Tradd Moore, Heather Moore and Tom Muller.

You’d be well advised to warm up your eyeballs, stretch your expectations, and otherwise hydrate your very soul for this extended 12-page preview of The New World, the latest piece of magnificence from artist Tradd Moore and colorist Heather Moore. Their collaborations are on full display in this story of a futuristic, post-Second Civil War American society where California has become a veritable oasis, most of the heartland is a barren No Man’s Land, and the east and west coasts couldn’t be further apart..

Aleš Kot is no stranger to political and sequential subversion (seek out his stupendous Days of Hate series with Danijel Zezelj, Jordie Bellaire, and Tom Muller, who re-teams with Kot here). Backed by a decidedly pants-quakingly impressive creative team, Kot looks to further his own legend in this five-issue mini-series. Romance! Action! The neo-Ronin looks like it’s arrived.

Details for The New World, including the most tantalizing twelve pages of comic bookery you’ll read today, are below. Pre-order The New World #1 today, thank yourself tomorrow.

$4.99 | M | JULY 25

From Image Comics: Aleš Kot (ZERO, DAYS OF HATE), Tradd Moore (LUTHER STRODE), and Heather Moore are pleased to unleash an extended, 12-page excerpt from their forthcoming series THE NEW WORLD—set to launch this July.

THE NEW WORLD #1 is a ballistic sci-fi action romance miniseries that begins with a massive-sized debut issue and features a backup comic introducing the talents of Aaron Stewart-Ahn and Sunando C.

Set in the United States of America—after the Second Civil War—THE NEW WORLD follows two lovers. One: a straight-edge vegan hacker anarchist boy with a penchant for messing with the State. The other: a chaotic, hedonistic cop with a reality TV show and a license to kill. This really shouldn’t happen—and yet, somehow, it does. And soon, the entire state of New California is after them.

THE NEW WORLD #1 hits stores on Wednesday, July 25th. The final order cutoff for retailers is Monday, July 2nd.
THE NEW WORLD #1 Cover A Moore & Muller (Diamond Code MAY180036)
THE NEW WORLD #1 Cover B Moore & Muller (Diamond Code MAY180037)
THE NEW WORLD #1 Cover C Bertram (Diamond Code MAY180038)
THE NEW WORLD #1 Cover D Muller (Diamond Code MAY180039)