Oh S#!t It's Kim & KimOH S#!T IT’S KIM & KIM #2
Written by Magdalene Visaggio.
Illustrated by Eva Cabrera.
Colored by Claudia Aguirre.
Lettered by Zakk Saam.
Cover by Phillip Sevy.

The Kims have found themselves in the unenviable position of dredging up the past in order to make their immediate future work. It’s heist time, and the usual bass guitar blast of lightning isn’t going to cut it this go-around.

Kim Q. has lived seven years without her father attempting to dictate terms on how she should live her life. But there’s a vault that needs breaking into and the only way this job won’t go pear-shaped is if Kim calls her dad for help.

It’s all here in is this six-page preview of Oh S#!t It’s Kim & Kim #2, courtesy of Black Mask Studios! Writer Magdalene Visaggio aims to cut deep on the pain and frustration that comes with familial burned bridges, underscored by the subtle character work from artist Eva Cabrera, who takes an energetic, manga-infused approach to the sequence that articulates the anxieties that come with confronting years-old heartache. Add to that the sherbet hues of Claudia Aguirre and the meticulous letter work from Zakk Saam, and you have another heartfelt, rip-roaring entry in the ongoing saga of Kim & Kim!

$3.99 | M | SEPTEMBER 19

From Black Mask Studios: After striking an uneasy alliance with the deadly Xue Peng, The Fighting Kims head to Furious Quatro’s Giant Orbital Death Platform for some Ocean’s 11 style hijinks! The fun doesn’t last though as Kim Q.’s secret puts them all in peril. Will Kim D. ever trust Kim Q. again?