Written by Patrick Kindlon.
Art by Marco Ferrari.
Colors by Patrizia Comino.
Letters by Jim Campbell.
Cover A by Marco Ferrari with Patrizia Comino.
Cover B by Robert Hack.

Searing revenge sagas lend themselves beautifully to the cyberpunk genre, as evinced by PATIENCE! CONVICTION! REVENGE!, an all-new neo-noir from There’s Nothing There writer Patrick Kindlon and Famous Monsters Presents artist Marco Ferrari.

“A criminal genius is forced out of his organization. Instead of starting a pilates studio, he dedicates himself to revenge,” Kindlon said in the official press release. “Years have passed, he’s amassed an army of robots, and is set to march on a glittering cyberpunk Las Vegas with the sole intention of crushing old friends under his boot. I’m a big fan of crime. In comics, books, movies, and sometimes in real life. I didn’t want to tackle a crime story myself until something really spoke to me. Without incriminating myself, I’ll tell you this is my most personal work to date. I never thought I’d say that about a Warren Ellis meets Elmore Leonard robot crime/revenge series, but comics is a crazy place.”

And no lurid vengeance-tinged pulp would be complete these days without the contributions of artist Robert Hack, whose searing noir-ish efforts appear on the variant cover to this nihilistic new gem.

Enjoy this unlettered four-page preview of PATIENCE! CONVICTION! REVENGE!, a corker of a debut that could only be told at AfterShock!

$3.99 | M | SEPTEMBER 19

From AfterShock Comics: NEW SERIES!

Disregarded, disrespected and dismissed, Renny has a chip on his shoulder.

Once an equal partner in a criminal syndicate that rules Las Vegas, he now finds himself living in a shack in the desert. But the shack has a workshop, and Renny’s been busy. It’s time to march his robot army into the neon hell of a cyberpunk Vegas and retake his seat at the table. Or take the wood from the table and build enough caskets for the whole syndicate.

Old friends better run, because Operation PATIENCE! CONVICTION! REVENGE! is underway.

Like an Elmore Leonard novel set in the world of Blade Runner, PATIENCE! CONVICTION! REVENGE! is offbeat and often funny, but all about the dark corners of cities and minds. A violent criminal genius with a bad case of monomania makes for the most fun you’ll have with a comic this year.

Written by Patrick Kindlon (There’s Nothing There, We Can Never Go Home) and drawn by Marco Ferrari (Famous Monsters Presents) PATIENCE! CONVICTION! REVENGE! continues Kindlon’s exploration of difficult characters and irreverent themes. Having broken the chains of good taste, Kindlon goes all-in and writes a vengeance-obsessed lunatic as if he’s riding beside him—all wrapped in a gangster tale like no other, and that HAD to be told at AfterShock!