TCAF 2018: Preview Ivy Atoms' 'Pinky & Pepper Forever', the latest from Silver Sprocket PINKY & PEPPER FOREVER GN
Written and illustrated by Ivy Atoms.

As previously reported back in January, Silver Sprocket has laid out an impressive gauntlet of original graphic novels from creators such as Ben Passmore, Carolyn Nowack, and Ivy Atoms. The San Francisco-based art collective heads into this weekend’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival with a glorious piece of sequential art designed to titillate your senses and, for some, apply a balm to your raw Catholic guilt.

TCAF goers will be the very lucky few to sample Ivy Atoms’ Pinky & Pepper Forever, a friend’s journey that just so happens to take place in the infernal bowels of Hell. For everyone else, enjoy this gallery of pages from Pinky & Pepper Forever, out this June from Silver Sprocket!

$12 | SC | 64 pgs. | JUNE

From Silver Sprocket: After Pinky’s lethal performance art piece, her devoted girlfriend Pepper follows her into death, only to find that in Hell, Pinky is… thriving?!

‘Pinky & Pepper Forever’ is a dark comedy full of furry feelings and a little gay Catholic guilt. Follow these two puppygirls’ relationship and artwork on Earth and their new life along the River Styx.

‘Pinky & Pepper Forever’ is the creation of Ivy Atoms, an organizer of the San Jose Zine Con, comics educator, and multidisciplinary artist working in drawings, paintings, comics, illustrated stories, zines, video, digital, and sculpture.

‘P&PF’ is a formidable showcase of Atoms’ talent, masterfully pairing colored pencil illustrations, sculpture, and MS Paint, to tell a deeply compelling and adventurous love story that could only exist here and now.

“‘Pinky & Pepper Forever’ is full of sincere, beautiful art that practically writhes off the page. Ivy Atoms is a genius; this book made me cry.” — Carta Monir, The Comics Journal

For more info, head over to Silver Sprocket’s homepage.