Skybound announces teen super-saga 'Heart Attack' from Kittelsen & Zawadzki
Cover to ‘Heart Attack’ #1. Art: Eric Zawadzki, Michael Garland/Skybound Entertainment/Image Comics

by Jarrod Jones. Teenage romance is the stuff of poetry and power ballads, but this November teenage romance becomes the last hope of a not-too-distant future.

Heart Attack, a character-focused sci-fi actioner from writer Shawn Kittlesen, artist Eric Zawadzki, and colorist Michael Garland, shows us an America of tomorrow that is not entirely dissimilar from our today. In the future, we’ll have cured disease once and for all—but with science, as it often is with magic, miracles come a cost which few can anticipate. In the case of this latest series from Skybound Entertainment, the improbable soon becomes eclipsed by the impossible.

Gene therapy might have removed disease from our daunting list of contemporary worries, but it has also borne a new type of people as a consequence—super-powered people, in fact, who have since grown in numbers and have powers so diverse and formidable that the American government has decided to deny these so-called “Variants” fundamental human rights. Needless to say, especially for those who have ever even glanced at an X-Men comic, it doesn’t take long for the lit fuse to reach the powder keg.

“Way back in 2014, I had an idea for this series that was all about the future—a nightmare that America could become, if we weren’t careful,” Kittlesen said in the official press release. “But in 2019, many of us are living that nightmare daily, in one headline after another—hatred, violence, injustice, disparity, disenfranchisement and more. So while this book is set in the future, it’s really about our world today.”

Heart Attack focuses on two crazy, star-crossed kids as they discover that they have more in common with each other than a mutual infatuation. With romance blooms super-powers, and soon these two Variants are on the run from a government that will do anything to remove them from society. Kittlesen continues: “It’s about how people find love in hopeless times, and how our personal bonds inspire the courage to rise against forces bigger than ourselves.”

Let foolish love into your heart this autumn and thrill to the explosive ramifications it usually brings for your trouble. This November, aim for your very own Heart Attack—#1, that is.


From Image Comics: In Heart Attack, gene therapy has saved Americans from disease—only to give birth to Variants: people with powers so unique, the government denies their human rights. But a rebellion has begun… Charlie North is on the run from the police when he crosses paths with Jill Kearney. Instant attraction becomes mass destruction when they unlock powers neither knew they had. Now, the question isn’t how to use them—but how far they’re willing to go.

‘Heart Attack’ #1 hits stores November 20. Pre-orders are open now. (Diamond code: SEP190037)