Written by Tom King.
Pencils by Andy Kubert.
Inks by Sandra Hope.
Colors by Brad Anderson.
Letters by Clayton Cowles.
Cover by Andy Kubert and Brad Anderson.

When you’re acclimated to thinking in terms of limiting casualties and fatalities on a global or even cosmic scale, does a single human life begin to become somehow less significant? How much effort is that solitary individual worth in the grand scheme of things? And if you begin to court such thinking, are you really still serving a greater good?

Superman faces that dilemma in the first installment of the 12-issue story “Up in the Sky”, writer Tom King’s return to scripting the Man of Steel. With Andy Kubert on pencils, inks by Sandra Hope, colors by Brad Anderson, and letters by Clayton Cowles, Superman is called in by Batman on a Gotham multiple murder and abduction case. In the aftermath, a single child is missing after apparently being taken from the crime scene by the suspect. But given the heinousness of the crime, and the method of the suspect’s escape, it’s clear this is no ordinary kidnapping.

Being the embodiment of the best in all of us is a tough job, even for a Superman. When you represent yourself as upholding the ideals that inspire others, you can’t just talk the talk. You also have to fly the course. Superman’s proven his commitment to be that hero, the kind who unites human beings on their rise to becoming a great people. Will he prevail in this quest to rescue one life, one precious child, or will he be too late? Will he be found wanting when it comes to a conflict that doesn’t span the stars or involve the well-being of a major city? The Eisner Award-winning author Tom King pulls no punches putting Superman to the test in this very personal tale of integrity and perseverance.

Check out this five-page preview of Superman Giant #3, courtesy of DC!

$4.99 | SEPTEMBER 9

Written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti.
Art by Chad Hardin.
Colors by Alex Sinclair.
Letters by Travis Lanham.
Cover by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair.

Do Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti ever know how to start a Wonder Woman story. In their Justice League Giant #3 tale, “Come Back to Me”, it’s all sand and seaside romance as the curtain rises. But then they combine with artist Chad Hardin, colorist Alex Sinclair, and letterer Travis Lanham to obstruct Diana’s path with dangerous test pilot assignments for Steve and a sudden Montana wildfire. The blaze threatens a wildlife preserve and firefighters cut off from escape as they battle the raging inferno, bringing the amazing Amazon to their rescue.

It’s a dramatic arrival, but the smoke eater oxygen tanks are at E, and there are a lot of them. Animals are also trapped in the circle of closing flame. Will even Wonder Woman be able to save them all? It’s a story that launches from zero to 10gs with pilots who know how to create some turbulence.

Check out this five-page preview of Justice League Giant #3, courtesy of DC!

$4.99 | SEPTEMBER 9