Curate Billie cleans up with a Satanic vacuum in the grand finale to 'Steeple' [EXCLUSIVE]
Cover to ‘Steeple’ #5. Art: John Allison/Dark Horse Comics

by Jarrod Jones. Tredregyn Parish: a battleground where the forces of good and evil do dance, also a quaint Cornish tourist curiosity with a delightful seaside view. Where the Anglican Church sends curates to serve the Reverend Penrose, whose grim nightly war against the sea’s dark deep ones often sends them reeling for a new vocation in life.

Not Billie Baker. Fresh-faced vicar with a forward-thinking perspective on the church, Billie is set on making a difference in Tredregyn by keeping an open mind—which makes her a proper mark for Maggie Warren, the silver-maned temptress from the local chapter of the Church of Satan. Billie’s pious heart and Maggie’s moody “seasoned townie” affect would make them enemies in any other tale, but in John Allison’s Steeple they’re quick friends who stand to learn quite a bit about each other… just as the veil of their world slips into a right bout of chaos. Aw.

Good and evil? “Stiff and subversive,” more like. Perspectives! In Tredregyn, the church potluck is just as crucial a local event as the annual Witchfest—both are good for the community, but we all know which one gives the lagging autumnal economy the real boost. The gray area, that’s where Tredregyn dwells, and Billie & Maggie are the good-hearted duo to lead us through its charms—and, possibly, the oncoming Rapture. (Courtesy of a Satanic Dyson cleaner, perhaps? Steeple!)

Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, DoomRocket has your exclusive first look at Steeple #5, the perditious final issue to John Allison’s downright wonderful miniseries of faith, friendship, glooby mermen, and the wallop that’s packed within the right hand of righteousness—regardless of who’s swinging it.

$3.99 | JANUARY 15

Written by John Allison.
Art by John Allison.
Colors by Sarah Stern.
Letters by Jim Campbell.
Cover A by John Allison.
Cover B by Robert Ball.

From Dark Horse Comics: In this thrilling conclusion, Billie and Maggie confront their deepest fears–and marauding mermen. The aftermath will leave both women changed forever, for better or worse.