By Jarrod Jones. What’s that? You like football? Hey, good for you.

For the rest of us who just can’t be bothered to watch two armadas of be-padded rage smash against each other in a stadium filled with equally unstable people, waiting around for the latest trailer to The Force Awakens would most certainly be a daunting endeavor indeed. (Especially if you wanted your Monday evening to not completely suck.) But hey! New trailer, right? And tickets!

Well, not for everyone. Before Monday night’s bout between Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants even reached halftime, the amount of dork traffic hounding Fandango’s website, to say nothing of the sites belonging to theater chains AMC and Regal Cinemas, caused a predictable implosion. (“That space movie did what to the site?” — Fandango executive.)

Guess everything worked out sort of okay, because at least we got this: