Episode Four — “The Power of the Daleks, Part IV”

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By Brandy DykhuizenThe Power of the Daleks takes a chilling turn in “Part IV”, as a seemingly unending stream of brand new beings is revealed deep inside the capsule. Like so many folks with marginal talent, Lesterson’s genius doesn’t extend too far outside of his own mind, and his perceived grasp on the situation at hand has come up remarkably short.

Not only does it slowly dawn on him that the Daleks just might be a danger after all, but a trip back into the capsule reveals a nightmarish scenario in which he has lost control over the beings he thought were serving him so well.

But, bless his heart, he has come to terms with the error of his ways and now knows he must work to preserve the colony’s safety. His awakening comes right in the nick of time, as The Doctor now finds himself in the clink with Quinn after being found spying on a secret rebel meeting. With only two episodes left, the series is picking up the pace, and finally unveiling the legendary supervillains for what they are.

Now if only those gosh darned people would start cooperating with each other rather than bullying their peers into corners.

Elsewhere on the ship, the resistance is growing, thanks in no small part to the icy Janley, who doesn’t hesitate to dispose of those who get in her way. Unfortunately for the rebels, she still hasn’t received the memo that the Daleks are more dangerous than they seem, and proceeds to re-arm them in hopes they will join the resistance and fight along side her when the time comes. We all know how much Daleks enjoy sharing power and glory.

The Power of the Daleks began with a deliberate foundation and is now nearing the end of its snowballing free fall before the final crash. The careful silences and droning thrums at the end of the episode signal a brief calm before the climactic storm. Two episodes to go.



I want you to remember that I control you.” – Lesterson.


Nothing is beyond them, given the right materials.” – The Doctor.

Why, didn’t I realize… they are evil!” – Lesterson.

BEST MOMENT: Lesterson returns to the capsule to investigate from whence a fourth Dalek could have sprung, only to stumble upon a full-on Dalek assembly line, running at maximum efficiency. This is all on him, as he’s been giving them all the supplies they ask for, not pausing until now to think that their requests might exceed what is necessary to build the promised Meteor Storm Computer. The onus falls directly on him to bypass his pride and alert the others to the danger.

I wish we could watch the original scene, as even the animated version was impressive and even a bit frightening. Shot from Lesterson’s viewpoint from a small window high above the Dalek’s makeshift factory, we get to see the entire process – the production of their bodies, their little Terror Whisks and even the stewing of their mobile, brain-like control centers – amidst an eerie silence punctuated with the types of hums and clanks that foster a surreal suspense.

EPISODE’S MVP: Our piteous fool Lesterson has been forced to face his egregious errors, albeit a little too late. He can no longer deny that the Daleks are multiplying and conspiring, and all by his hand. Luckily he’s repentant and suddenly very willing to help, making him the only character that has shown capacity for change and development in this series. Lesterson will make an unlikely hero, but it’s this episode’s awakening that will push him past his own interests and work with The Doctor to bypass the resistance and save humanity once again.

© Copyright 2017, BBC WORLDWIDE LIMITED. All Rights Reserved.


– It’s getting harder and harder for the Daleks to keep up their servile charade. One of them barks, “TURN BACK THE POWER SUPPLY” before quietly uttering “I AM YOUR SERVANT…”

– Janley’s turned into the worst type of femme fatale… aiming to steal the glory and spark the revolution with a growing trail of limp bodies behind her. Unfortunately for her, she reacts faster than she thinks.

– Ben’s flirtation with usefulness is over – at least until Polly’s safe return, when he will presumably stop acting like a slap-happy, overly confident drunken soldier at the mention of her name.

– It was kind of nice to see Ben get punched in the face, actually.

– It appears The Doctor has called… a dog… to help break him out of jail?

8 out of 10

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