Season Two, Episode Five — “Crossfire”

© 2016 The CW Network. All rights reserved.

© 2016 The CW Network. All rights reserved.

By Molly Jane Kremer. After a narrative stumble last week, Supergirl returns on more even footing. This week’s episode, the otherwise blandly-titled “Crossfire”, finds Kara and the DEO on the defensive against a gang armed with alien weaponry that packs enough punch to give even Kara pause.

Before you get excited, the gang in question wasn’t called Intergang. Though one has to wonder why, considering these dudes were totally borrowing the infamous, Kirby-created shtick.

The arsenal in question was acquired, of course, from Cadmus, and with that knowledge came a gasp-inducing cliffhanger reveal concerning the identity of the nefarious organization’s leader. (Even though she’ll still, always, be Sue Ellen Mischke to me). What comes after this revelation is anyone’s guess, but it’s likely that Lena and Kara may have to put a pin in their next hang sesh for the time being.

As for this week, legitimately funny fish out of water gags were placed in lock-step with invigorating, expressive dialogue, delivered by the series’ always-game cast. Supergirl was firing on all cylinders this week, for the most part, and even if it’s still got a ways to go in figuring out what to do with some of its new cast members (Mon-El, you need to simmer), it still makes for excellent television.

This week’s conversations were key, and everyone got significant interactions (everyone except J’onn, who must have gone invisible for this episode to wander the halls of DEO HQ, in order to better scout out some Oreos). Winn and Jimmy’s exchanges varied from humorous to impassioned, as we now enjoy the full blossom of their friendship (but… keeping secrets, are we, boys?); Alex stopped short of divulging some important information about herself to both Kara and Maggie; Winn and Lena had a quintessentially cute meet-cute under a table; and Kara and Mon-El figured out that instead of living a copy of Kara’s life, Mon-El needs to make like Fleetwood Mac and go his own way.

Alex (still) hasn’t come out, though by the end of this week’s episode she’d braved a conversation with Maggie that revealed… things, while she consciously avoided any literal statements. Her previous and almost automatic denial of being gay when asked, while completely transparent for some of the audience, I found incredibly endearing. There’s been a lot of effort put into this storyline, and it’s paying off with Alex discovering (and eventually revealing, one can assume) her sexuality in a very natural and understandable way — especially for woman who has apparently identified as straight her whole life. Finding bravery in oneself. That’s what Supergirl has always been about.


Jimmy: “You helped Kara.” Winn: “There’s a difference, okay? She can fly! You’re just…tall.

Not everyone can rock argyle like you do.” – Alex, to Kara.

Being a hero is… addictive.” – Winn.

I’m not so sure it was my destiny to be an intern.” – Mon-El.

BEST MOMENT: Ah, the ol’ bad guys robbing the fundraising gala trick. Never gets old, and I’m always a sucker for it. Thankfully this burgling was bolstered by fun scenes throughout. Kara does the secret identity switcheroo, though popping in as Supergirl and Kara in front of a Luthor seems like a bad idea. (Who else thought J’onn should have made an appearance here?) It paid off, and the thieves robbing National City’s elite of their fancy jewelry, armed with off-world weaponry, seemed quaint, silly, Silver Age… and perfect.

EPISODE’S MVP: I feel really weird saying this, but… I think this week’s strongest character was Jeremy Jordan’s Winn. Now that the writers have given Winn a job appropriate to his skills and fully steered him out of mopey, pining “nice guy” mode, Jordan has the space and material to meaningfully contribute. He’s making a difference at the DEO, and eloquently expressed his pride of that in his conversation with Jimmy. Winn’s legitimate concern over Jimmy’s safety and well-being — he gets audibly choked up when Jimmy says he’s vigilante-ing with help or without — really drove it home.

© 2016 The CW Network. All rights reserved.

© 2016 The CW Network. All rights reserved.


– As Alex eases herself into this life-changing realization, the audience is being eased into her impending reveal. I’m both impressed and thrilled with the subtlety and insight, and with Chyler Leigh’s continually impressive performance.

– So Winn got Mon-El a fake social security number and a birth certificate? Isn’t that, um, illegal?

– I will never stop getting a kick out of hearing the name Teschmacher this often. (But Cat’s elongation and emphasis of the name was really the best.)

– Dang, Sue Ellen Mi–er, Brenda Strong is super tall! 6’1”!

– I love that Winn immediately figured out it was Jimmy. Because, well, he should have. He’s a smart dude.

– I really want to see Lena and Kara hanging out more. Partially because Kara needs more lady friends (I want all the gal-pal-doms ever please) and partially because their chemistry together is so flawless.

– Oh my goodness, I have never identified with Kara more than when she’s in the middle of a party stuffing like eight potstickers into her mouth at once, and holding on to another handful of ‘em for later. (Aw, man, I could totally go for some potstickers too…)

– Maggie still calls her division the Science Police, just like in the funny books. That’s awesome, and it makes me smile every time I hear it.

– Well that was quite the bombshell: Brenda Strong’s scary scientist/terrorist lady is none other than Lena and Lex Luthor’s momma. (Well, Lena’s adoptive momma, natch.) An excellent development, and another chance for the show to examine a mother/daughter relationship. Wonder which first name Ms. Luthor will be going by, as the character has, in various continuities, been named Arlene, Letitia, and Lillian.

8.5 out of 10

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