by Jarrod Jones. Work sucks. Especially when you know you’re great at it and no one—not the customers, not your fellow employees, and certainly not your jerkface boss—seems to realize it, forget about appreciating it. Marty Tarantella knows this plight on a molecular level. 15 years at Burger Lord, no one mans the grill like him. No one. This place would burn down without Marty.

Work can be rough, but earning a paycheck can downright suck when born martyrs like Marty are sulking in your periphery. And that’s where Marty’s consigned himself for almost two decades: the margins of living, no interest in finding someone with whom he might share his listless existence, no interest in a diet that isn’t onion rings and double cheeseburgers, no interest in growing or advancing in any tangible way. The man doesn’t even have a hobby.

At least Marty’s aware that something’s gotta give. He’s well past due for a full-life reset, and fate has dropped a one-way ticket to Elsewhere at his feet—specifically the parking lot of Burger Lord, where Marty finds a brown paper bag with a gun stashed inside. He doesn’t know where it came from, and he absolutely does not care; all Marty knows is he’s been glorping down fast food for 15 years and, having studied the comings and goings of the strip mall that surrounds his place of employment for just as long, he has finally had his fill and is about to do something with his life. He’s gonna pull off one legendary heist and fuck off to wherever the Martys of the world fuck off to when they’ve finally received compensation for all the inconsideration they’ve put up with in life.

Problem is, that gun’s more than just a gun. And its previous owners, a cult of maniacs who very much want it back, are about to be in Marty’s life in a way that just might shake that chumpy attitude right out of him forever.

Courtesy of IDW Publishing, DoomRocket is pumped to share this incredibly funny and gorgeously illustrated 6-page preview of Trve Kvlt #1, in shops August 17. From co-creators Scott Bryan Wilson and Liana Kangas, and boasting colors from Gab Contreras and letters by DC Hopkins, there is every reason to drop what you’re doing in life and join this Trve Kvlt.

Trve Kvlt #1
IDW Publishing / $3.99
Written by Scott Bryan Wilson.
Art by Liana Kangas.
Colors by Gab Contreras.
Letters by DC Hopkins.

$3.99 | 32 pgs | M | AUGUST 17

Check out Trve Kvlt #1 August 17. Issue #2 drops September 14.