Season One, Episode Seven — “Wingman”

© Copyright 2016, Fox Broadcasting Company. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2016, Fox Broadcasting Company. All Rights Reserved.

By Shay Revolver. After we all discovered what was in the box , the end of last weeks Lucifer left us ready for a showdown of epic proportions. This weeks episode got off to a great start, with Maze seducing and relishing in drowning a smuggler for leads on how to find Lucifer’s stolen wings. Everything that followed was pure magic and flowed together seamlessly to form a near perfect episode. We got to see Lucifer find his wings and his mojo, Chloe searching for closure on the case that made her a pariah in the PD, Amenadiel and Lucifer going on a buddy movie style adventure into an underground auction and Maze even got to go on a killing spree (even if this episode started with her finishing her murder streak on victim number five). It was a fun romp through a guilty pleasure dreamscape and I can’t wait until next week to see what happened next.

WHAT WORKED: For the second week in a row, pretty much everything in this show worked. This episode had a lot going on ,but it seemed to tie all of its loose threads together perfectly. Chloe’s side case seemed to provide inspiration and a perfect parallel for Lucifer’s wing hunt in a way made everyone’s goals seem urgent and real. There wasn’t one wasted scene or line during this week’s hour, and what’s more, we got to enjoy the continued interaction between our main characters (Chloe & Lucifer), and the support that loves them (Dan & Maze). This episode gave us the added bonus of seeing Lucifer spend some hang time with his bro Amenadiel, which gave clarity to the relationship between them — not to mention clarifying the situation between Heaven and Hell.

Chloe provided her usual dose of humanity and drive. Their banter continued to push their difficult friendship over that little line in the sand, where flirtation lies.

What’s going on with Maze and Lucifer? Well, Maze is holding onto our dark hero’s lone saved wing (in a protected showcase, natch), but they’re both sharing one hell of a moment here: how Maze lovingly looked into Lucifer’s eyes, then to the wings showed how deep their relationship goes without anyone uttering a word.

Amenadiel and Lucifer show up dressed to the nines to wreck shop at the auction, just like the good ol’ days, gave the two of them a fun moment. Even though there wasn’t any Wrath of God or Hellfire at play, there was still enough swag on hand to fill a pimp chalice.

WHAT DIDN’T: Even with the pratfalls that came with Amenadiel’s logic, I’m having a tough time understanding the motives for Amendial’s violent reaction to Lucifer this week. It was just wrong. Yes, on some level (having siblings of my own), I get how sibling logic works, but I dislike grappling with a character’s logic long after the credits have rolled. While the showdown on the beach, where Amenadiel loses his cool and beats Lucifer in a rage, was a real guttural reaction, it could have been that much more cathartic had the show spliced Amenadiel’s fury with the bonding moments he shared with Lucifer earlier on. Besides, I think they could have held out on a reveal this big until later in the season.


What good is an Angel if he can’t help a brother out?” – Lucifer, to Amendial (before offering him a neglected pound).

Is this what you do in your spare time? How fascinatingly morose. Have you considered knitting?” – Lucifer, to Chloe, upon discovering her staring at crime scene photos.

If you truly worship the dollar, then I’m your ticket to divinity.” – Lucifer, to the auctioneer.

You sure you don’t want to chase after her? I can ask Father for some rain and make it a moment.” – Amenadiel, to Lucifer, after Chloe runs off.

BEST MOMENT: Maze and Lucifer, one on one. There is a look of genuine love in each of their eyes as Lucifer explains that he has burned his wings and their old life is probably no more. What makes this moment great isn’t just the love that came with it, but the honesty. Maze and Lucifer are bonded not just because she’s pledged to protect him, but through something greater. The moment was made perfect by Maze cutting him off before Lucifer could utter the words that would free her from the pact that binds them.

EPISODE’S MVP: Amenadiel. It seems that the writers have finally figured out what to do with his character, and while I didn’t get the Fire of Heaven (or some kind of epic, Vertigo-style smack down), I did get a whole lot more of Amenadiel and I loved it! This episode showed us more Amenadiel than we’ve seen in all of the other episodes combined, and it was worth the wait. We got to see him play Murdoch to Lucifer’s Riggs — or, if we’re playing up the sibling rivalry angle, the Dean to Lucifer’s rebellious Sam. And it was glorious.

We got to see more than a glimpse of not only Amenadiel’s dark side but, his funny side. For the first time this season, he was more than a stiff robot — he was a real character and you actually felt for him (instead of, say, being annoyed by his presence). The spark between Amenadiel and Chloe was kinda nice as well and it felt real, which should make for some interesting twists during the rest of the season.

© Copyright 2016, Fox Broadcasting Company. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2016, Fox Broadcasting Company. All Rights Reserved.


– “Water sports” means something different for Maze & Lucifer.

– Did Lucifer just use the phrase “Spidey-sense”?

– Lucifer making a deal with Amenadiel? Aren’t people supposed to make a deal with the Devil, not the other way around?

– I didn’t know you could put an APB out on angel wings.

– Why doesn’t Lucifer just stop the insanity and show Chloe his Devil face. Yes, she might lose her shizz, but they can move forward.

– Amenadiel seems to have a thing for Chloe and the feeling looks mutual.

– So, Chloe managed to find a trap door after cops had been all over the space and missed it?

– I’d like to point out that while this Lucifer/Amenadiel relationship differs a lot from the comic book, I’m okay with brotherly love aspect of the TV version. Even though it’s off-canon, it makes Amenadiel way more interesting moving forward.

– No one went crazy this week, except for maybe when Amenadiel went all Conor McGregor on Lucifer. But, this proves my theory that if Lucifer would stop showing human folk his true self it’d be easier to get answers and less paperwork for an already overworked Chloe.

9 out of 10

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