By Jarrod JonesUndercover is our opportunity to lovingly gaze upon gorgeous works from magnificent artists. Each week, we single out the most striking covers that grace comic book stands and gush all over them. 

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Guardians of the Galaxy #1, by Mike Allred. (Marvel Comics)

I have seen so many things in my life (via movies and comics, mostly): I’ve seen an elephant fly, a man leap a tall building in a single bound, and I’ve even seen a damn talking duck. But I have never, ever, seen a giant tree monster actually stomp out an orbiting moon before. So go figure that Mike Allred (one of DoomRocket’s most favored artists) would go out of his way to show me what that would look like. So thanks, Mr. Allred! My dreams are going to have to step it up, because I’m obviously not imagining right.


Catwoman #45, by Robbi Rodriguez. (DC Comics)

This DC Monsters variant by Robbi Rodriguez (of Spider-Gwen fame) is perfect spooky goodness: his use of color to accentuate the ethereal otherness of Gotham — seen here so distantly, we could just as easily be on Mars, which would make those Martian kittens — is a startling thing on its own. But it’s this patchwork Selina Kyle, sitting in repose as she considers a lone bat perched atop her index finger, that’s set my Halloween anticipation on overdrive.


DC Comics Bombshells #3, by Kate Leth. (DC Comics)

I wasn’t aiming for some kinda “spooky-ooky Halloween-y” theme for this week’s Undercover (that’s coming at the end of the month), but Kate Kane’s superbly goth-y Batwoman outfit fits anyway, so we’re a-go. Kate Leth’s a favorite around DoomRocket HQ, and this lovely variant to Bombshells third issue made everybody squeal in absolute delight. A sweet, quiet, candid moment between lovers plastered all over a DC book? If I’m dreaming, I don’t wanna wake up.


Harley Quinn #21, by Amanda Conner. (DC Comics)

I could screech “Heeere’s Harley!” into the internet, but that would be both obvious and sad. ‘Sides, it would also deflate the killer homage Amanda Conner — hands down, one of the finest cover artist in mainstream comics today — has in store for us. Conner’s adorably menacing shout to Nicholson’s Biggest Cinematic Moment is so good, Stephen King is finally ready to give Stanley Kubrick’s ghost a big ol’ hug. (A cover this good brings us all together.)

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