By Jarrod JonesUndercover is our opportunity to lovingly gaze upon gorgeous works from magnificent artists. Each week, we single out the most striking covers that grace comic book stands and gush all over them. 

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Gotham Academy # 11, by Karl Kerschl. (DC Comics)

If you’ve been following Gotham Academy (and if you aren’t, please change that), you know that Olive and Maps are about to traipse through the forbidding concrete canyons of Gotham City. What mysteries brought this intrepid pair to play hooky in the meanest city in the DCU? (You really, really, need to be reading Gotham Academy.) The answers come from within the book, of course, but in the meantime Karl Kerschl’s stellar rendering of this Dynamic Duo is precisely the cover we Bat-fans need. (And Map’s domino mask is an especially nice touch.)


Cognetic #1, by Juan Doe. (BOOM!)

Cognetic brings James Tynion IV and Eryk Donovan back together for more mind-bending tomfoolery, so it’s time to party. (Which means: #reviewpending.) Juan Doe’s crisp and clean variant for its premiere issue (available now!) is a fitting tribute to this top-notch creative team’s latest endeavor. And if Doe’s sinister hues and crafty digital work doesn’t lull you into into a sense of curiosity and wonder, it might be time for you to recalibrate that noggin of yours. That there’s one killer cover.


The Astonishing Ant-Man #1, by Tradd Moore. (Marvel Comics)

The reality of it is, I’m a sucker for Nick Spencer and Ramon Rosanas’ Ant-Man. And the fact that we’re finally over the continuity-disrupting ballyhoo that was Secret Wars (well, kinda) means that Scott Lang can finally get back to business being a lovable, antennae-havin’ lug. What’s more, I love Tradd Moore’s artwork. What he’s done on the Luther Strode books is a miracle of sequential art. So taking the two and putting them together means only greatness can come from it. And wouldn’t you know? It’s a broccoli-sportin’ freak-out. Zap!


Teen Titans GO! #12, by Daniel Hipp. (DC Comics)

If you were to pop by DoomRocket HQ at any point during the afternoon, odds are we have Teen Titans GO! snapping and crackling on our television. There’s something about its sharp animation, its shimmering phosphorescence, and its sheer giddiness that makes working our day away that much more enjoyable. Daniel Hipp’s sweet as hell/goofy as sin cover to the series’ tie-in not only puts a smile on my face, it just made me realize that the TV isn’t on. So I’m gonna go fix that. Thanks, Daniel!


The Amazing Spider-Man #2, by Alex Ross. (Marvel Comics)

Yeah, Parker’s still got them glowing peepers, and I guess his chest icon’s just gonna put turquoise where turquoise don’t belong, but The Amazing Spider-Man still has Alex Ross on covers, and that’s right where Alex Ross needs to be. My favorite Spider-Artists go like this: Ditko. Romita. Ross. Lookit this thing. Nigh-perfection. Thwip.

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