By Jarrod JonesUndercover is our opportunity to lovingly gaze upon gorgeous works from magnificent artists. Each week, we single out the most striking covers that grace comic book stands and gush all over them. 

What are the covers that float your boat this week? We want to know! Tell us about them in the comments below, and the best response gets a DoomRocket sticker/button combo sent to their door. Get to it!


All-New Avengers #3, by Alex Ross. (Marvel Comics)

Woah! Avengers… take it down by forty notches, huh? I don’t know what it was that made all you harsh on Nova like that, but the kid’s like… well he’s a kid, fer cripes sake! I dunno what made Thor, Iron Man, and the good Captain go “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” all over young Mr. Alexander adorable li’l helmet, but Alex Ross’ compositions create just as much drama as it does questions. And that’s the hallmark of any good cover: it makes you want to stop whatever it is you’re doing and read the ding-dang heck out of what’s inside.


The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage: Second Lives #2, by Kevin Wada. (Valiant)

There have been more than a few times in the past where I’ve taken time during this feature to remark about how strong Valiant’s cover game is, and I know I spend quite a bit of time singing the praises of Kevin Wada’s work to an internet’s worth of complete strangers, but holy moses what an image. Doctor Mirage: Second Lives is already a series that you ought to be reading, that much goes without saying. But in the off-chance that this book has somehow eluded you, let Wada’s stunning watercolor work lure you into its loving arms.


Red Sonja #1, by Tula Lotay. (Dynamite)

Three cheers for more Red Sonja! That’s right, the She-Devil With a Sword has an all-new series from Dynamite, and what better way to herald in a new era than with a mighty visual adorning its front? Tulay Lotay is rapidly becoming one of the more ubiquitous artists in the industry with her masterful covers that feature the artist’s signature hues and Tomine-esque linework, and her absolutely gorgeous interiors are the stuff of dreams (check out The Wicked + The Divine #13 and anything with the title Supreme: Blue Rose for some of last year’s best work). Lotay’s Sonja strikes a warrior’s pose instead of indulging in cheesecake. She dares you to open the page.


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0, by Goñi Montes. (Boom Studios)

Sometimes, when a cover is this good, the logo knows precisely what to do: Get the hell out of the way. Boom Studios’ ambitious new series featuring your favorite era of Power Rangers is finally here in an equally nostalgia-charged #0 issue, and it boasts not one, not two, not four, but SEVEN variant covers, all sporting the iconic (not to mention, massive) helmets worn by Bandai’s Finest. Goñi Montes’ reverential covers might just be the best thing on shelves this week. (Check out the rest here.) The hardest part of my day was figuring out which one I liked the most. Then I remembered: Amy Jo Johnson.


The Legend of Wonder Woman #1, by Dustin Nguyen. (DC Comics)

Dustin Nguyen is another artist that never fails to astound me with his watercolors. And what’s more, he always delivers DC Comics’ superheroes in such grand, iconic fashion, that you’d swear they were about to jump right off the page. His serene variant to DC’s latest digital-first Wonder Woman series is just another example of how indelible Nguyen’s style can be. Just look at this image. You can almost smell the salt in the air, the breeze in your hair… *ahem* Sorry, lost myself for a minute there.

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