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29177Lady Killer 2 #2

Dark Horse Comics/$3.99

Story and Art by Joëlle Jones.

Colors by Michelle Madsen.

Letters by Crank!

BD: Josie Schuller juggles all the components of mid-century wifedom perfectly – she cares for a handsome, bread-winning husband and pair of adorable tow-headed urchins, she can host a Tupperware party with the best of them (adding her own flare, of course) and has an impeccable pin-up style. She’s a housewife extraordinaire, all charm and incredible grace. Unlike most ladies her age, she’s unwilling to let talent go to waste, and understands the value of keeping your skills fresh. When Josie’s not excelling at her expected wifely duties, she immerses herself in a little freelance work on the side. 

That work? Well, you know by now — Josie’s an assassin.

Knowing you aren’t going to get anywhere without trying, Josie applies the same amount of elbow grease and vigor in her side job as she would working a spot of mustard out of her husband’s new suit. To her, removing a human stain hinges on the same processes she would use to tackle any other project — realizing things will never be perfect the first time ‘round, she applies her best efforts to always improve, improve, improve.

Joëlle Jones does a fantastic job playing with the Janus-esque Josie. With two faces, looking in both directions, Josie is the quintessential housefrau, but makes time to pursue her special projects on the side, because damn it, she’s good at them.

Lady Killer 2 is a pure pleasure to behold, filled with era-specific details (think pointy-boobed Sears-Roebuck catalogue profiles and grabby, flabby bosses) and cheeky nods to previous works (a la a stained glass depiction of the Temptation of Christ behind a messenger sent with an enticing offer). Mysterious characters come in and out, purportedly to help (or, more likely, to entrap), and we get a front row seat at the decision-making process of a determined woman just trying to break free of the same-ol’, same-ol’.

Snuff spree or merely a tale of a woman making her way without letting a steady stream of male “helpers” cramp her style, Lady Killer 2 has me hooked.

7.5 out of 10

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