By Jarrod Jones. Since former Vertigo editor Shelly Bond announced that she would be launching a new comics imprint through IDW Publishing at ECCC earlier this year, waiting for news to come from the exalted Black Crown has been an exercise in nerve-shattering suspense. It’s been brutal.

On Friday afternoon, during the Black Crown panel at WonderCon in Anaheim, big news finally came our way. And in true Bond fashion, it smacked us right in the face to make sure we were paying attention.

First came the announcement that none other than George Takei would be teaming with Justin Eisinger (IDW’s Senior Book Editor) and Steven Scott (IDW’s PR Manager) for a project that would tell “the true story of the Japanese American internment camps” through the actor/activist’s own real-life experiences. The project, which still has no official title or art team attached, is primed for a 2018 release.

Following that was the news that artist Gabriel Rodriguez would launch Sword of Ages as his first solo series for IDW, joining colorist Lovern Kindzierski. After years of working on other titles for the publisher, including his acclaimed run on Locke & Key with Joe Hill, Rodriguez was thrilled to share the news with WonderCon:

From the myths of Hercules, Gilgamesh, and King Arthur to stories from Bradbury, Moorcock, Foster, and Jodorowsky/Moebius, I want to make this my love letter to fantasy/sci-fi adventures,” he said in the official press release. “To have the chance to finally do this story with my friends from IDW Publishing, teaming with my longtime friend and editor Chris Ryall, and collaborating with coloring artist legend Lovern Kindzierski is beyond my wildest dreams as I would never dare to dream an opportunity as amazing as this exists.”

After that, Bond took to the stage to reveal the first cluster of info regarding Black Crown.

With that announcement Rat Queens‘ Tess Fowler became the first artist to officially be attached to Bond’s imprint. Fowler’s talents will adorn a series called Kid Lobotomy, which just sounds great. But the fact that Fowler was announced first only added to the suspense, and Bond, ever the impresario, saved that for last.

Asked if Black Crown would carry with it certain genre trappings, Bond said that it would be a mix of “horror, dark fiction, and crime thrillers.” Knowing Bond, rock ‘n’ roll will likely figure in some capacity. Sure enough, when asked what would be included in the soundtrack to Kid Lobotomy, IDW CCO and Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall joked, “Motörhead“.

And with that, Bond made it official: Peter Milligan and Tess Fowler would headline Black Crown’s launch title, Kid Lobotomy.

Kid Lobotomy is a co-creation for Milligan and Fowler. In the official press release, Milligan was quoted as saying, “‘Kid Lobotomy’is a sub-cranial gothic scream of obsession, love, and the perennial dream of an upgrade to the executive suite. Torn from the deepest region of my hippocampus and hurled at an unsuspecting world, this is different from anything I’ve written and unlike anything you’ve read.”

'Kid Lobotomy' is the launch title for Black Crown

Image: IDW Publishing/Black Crown

Fowler added, “I’ve just done the comic artist equivalent of running off to join the circus. Send help. No wait. Don’t. Just come with me.”

'Kid Lobotomy' is the launch title for Black Crown

Image: IDW Publishing/Black Crown

During ECCC earlier this year (in an interview to be released soon), Bond told me that Black Crown’s launch title would be a “declaration of intent.” Expect exciting things to come from Black Crown.

Black Crown's instantly iconic logo

Image: IDW Publishing/Black Crown

From IDW Publishing: Kid, as he’s affectionately referred to, is the youngest descendant of a strange, overbearing hotelier. While he sports rock star good looks, Kid Lobotomy has more in common with Hannibal than Morrissey in his prime. Unsuspecting hotel guests who check in to “The Suites” are in danger of losing more than their luggage. Living up to his name, Kid has shed a few brain cells in his day, which naturally makes him qualified to perform a lobotomy or two. And why let those brain bits go to waste when he can use them to help — or unwittingly harm — his subjects? Ultimately, Kid hopes to restore some of his sanity. But can he survive the truth about his cursed lineage and face what runs rampant throughout the torturous hotel hallways? Simply put, you’ve never read anything like this.

‘Kid Lobotomy’, the launch title from Black Crown, drops in October 2017.