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Cover to 'Wrapped Up' #1. Art by Scoot McMahon and Sean Dove/Lion Forge/CubHouse

Cover to ‘Wrapped Up’ #1. Art by Scoot McMahon and Sean Dove/Lion Forge/CubHouse

By Stefania Rudd. On the surface, Milo is just your typical tween. He loves pizza, hanging out with his friends, and does his best to stay out of trouble with his parents. However, Milo is not that typical. In fact, he is super… supernatural, that is, a mummy who inhabits a world filled with wizards, witches, and all other sorts of magic that makes an average day anything but.

In the premiere issue of Wrapped Up, out this week from Lion Forge and CubHouse, writer Dave Scheidt introduces us to a very relatable and endearing character in Milo. He is curious, bright, and brave. He also wants to be a good friend and son. Sometimes these things conflict with one another, but ultimately he knows what decisions to make. In the main story, “Night of the Pizza Knight,” Milo makes a wish that he could have pizza every night. His friend, who is a wizard, grants him this wish, but they both get more than they bargained for when a giant Pizza Knight emerges from one of the empty boxes. He tells them that the sanctity of the greatest food in the universe (pizza, duh) has been threatened due to that wish. Milo discovers that he must break the horrible (yet delicious) spell by finding enchanted pepperoni, located somewhere in the city. It’s then that Milo and his wizard pal set out to make things right.

Interior page to 'Wrapped Up' #1. Art by Scoot McMahon and Sean Dove/Lion Forge/CubHouse

Interior page to ‘Wrapped Up’ #1. Art by Scoot McMahon and Sean Dove/Lion Forge/CubHouse

Scoot McMahon’s artwork provides the right balance between cartoonish imagination and realistic grossness (the close up of the wizard’s snot running down his face gave me severe, but endearing, Ren & Stimpy vibes). Sean Dove uses a vivid and bright color palette that carries through the overall playful vibe of the book. Combined, McMahon and Dove’s artwork provides great detail, both in the book’s characters and the scenery that embellishes this vibrant world. (I especially enjoyed the issue’s more fantastical imagery, found in characters such as the Pizza Kight and Papa Domino.)

With Halloween rapidly approaching, this debut issue is a great way for kids of all ages to get into the autumnal spirit. Prepare for an energetic sugar rush with Wrapped Up, a comic series full of spooky fun.

Lion Forge/CubHouse/$3.99

Written by Dave Scheidt.

Art by Scoot McMahon.

Colors by Sean Dove.

8 out of 10

‘Wrapped Up’ #1 is available in stores Wednesday, October 11.