By Donna BourgoisWell, this is it, folks. This is the end of the road for me. I got pretty close to completing my 365 mission, a lot closer than I think anyone would have guessed at the start of this project. I don’t really have any words of wisdom to leave you with. I would probably recommend never taking on this challenge.

However, I’m still planning on maintaining my Letterboxd account so you can always follow me there, or on Twitter. And you can always listen to my podcast, and interact with me through that. In the meanwhile, I’m going to leave some factoids concerning this project here for you. See you around!

My Favorite Films Of The Year: The Hateful Eight, Bone Tomahawk, The Hunt , Cop Car, Inside Out, The Red Shoes, The Buddy Holly Story, Shonen, WhiplashSymbol

My Least Favorite Films Of The Year: The Monster of Mangatiti, American Ghost Hunter, The Cell 2, Wicker Park

How I Saw Films This Year: Netflix (duh); Vulcan Video (already missing the 04 location);Alamo Drafthouse (I totaled the cost out to $504, excluding more expensive showings and food/drinks); PSN Streaming (totaled out to $220ish); HBOGO (worth the hour-long talk with your parents to score the login)

white-rabbit-01White Rabbit

Directed by Tim McCann.

Running time 90 min.

Screened via Netflix.

McCann attempts to show how a child’s life can make anyone capable of killing their peers. Unfortunately, the cast is capable of depicting little emotion. The underwhelming acting and odd directing style easily make this one of the worst films to deal with such a sensitive subject. This is an easy pass.

The Perfect Host

Directed by Nick Tomnay.

Running time 93 min.

Screened via Netflix.

Finally someone made a film continuing the exploits of Frasier’s brother. Apparently, the years since have not been kind. Crane decided to combat his crippling phobias with heavy self-medication and leaving high society. David Hyde Pierce is the only reason to watch this otherwise lackluster, and predictable film.

Nackt unter Wölfen

Directed by Philipp Kadelbach.

Running time 105 min.

Screened via Netflix.

Despite being a remake I found the film truly engaging and heartfelt. The screenplay is co-written by the author of the novel it’s based on, Bruno Apitz. Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account had almost the same events concerning a hidden child.

The Best Offer

Directed by Giuseppe Tornatore.

Running time 131 min.

Screened via Netflix.

Time for me to fess to some guilty pleasures. I love The Thomas Crown Affair and The Best Offer has some of the same enjoyable qualities. The acting and writing are superb, Geoffrey Rush is just amazing as the art loving auctioneer. What really makes the film engaging is the twists and turns through the mysterious plot.

People, Places, Things

Directed by James C. Strouse.

Running time 85 min.

Screened via Netflix.

Having very little expectations, I was very pleased with this cute little romcom. Jemaine Clement is sweet as ever trying to handle the weirdness of life after a sudden breakup. This is a sweet and feel good film that even makes the coldest heart feel a little warm.

A Very Murray Christmas

Directed by Sofia Coppola.

Running time 56 min.

Screened via Netflix.

Honestly, I’m not really sure this counts as a movie, but I’ll include it in here because maybe you want to start compiling holiday film lists for next year. Murray may entice you, but the only redeeming quality of this otherwise boring puke of celebrity bullshit is, yes, Miley Cyrus.


Doomsdays (2013)

Directed by Eddie Mullins.

Running time 91 min.

Screened via Netflix.

Doomsdays follows two vagabonds as they break into a house, take what they want, and leave. The beginning of the film was so incredibly boring, I nearly stopped it. Thankfully the second half picks up quite a bit.


Bone Tomahawk

Directed by S. Craig Zahler.

Running time 132 min.

Screened via PSN Streaming.

I wanted to see this film so badly at Fantastic Fest this year and unfortunately, this was one of the many that I missed. Luckily, the new Kurt Russell vehicle is available on VOD, and omg you need to watch it. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with this western with a violent twist. 

Dark Star: HR Giger’s World

Directed by Belinda Sallin.

Running time 95 min.

Screened via Netflix.

HR Giger was a truly influential and curious artist. I had little knowledge on Giger aside from his body of work and interviews from various special features. While I don’t particularly feel like I learned  much more about him, it was pretty interesting to see his house. (Though it gave me the same kind of anxiety hives I get when I watch Grey Gardens.)

I’m Still Here

Directed by Casey Affleck.

Running time 108 min.

Screened via BluRay.

Five years after this film came out, and I still think it’s an insane, funny, weird, confusing ride. Whenever I start thinking about how insane the film is, I place myself five years ago to understand what JP was all about back then, and what he really had to lose. I think craziest of all is to think that three years later he was nominated for The Master.

Mad Max: Fury Road

Directed by George Miller.

Running time 120 min.

Screened via PSN Streaming.

Back in May I embraced and celebrated psych-fest by only watching psychedelic films, as a result I missed out on what I’ve been told no less than a thousand times was the best movie ever. Well, you’re wrong, every single one of you that needed to point out that I was a piece of shit for missing the latest Mad Max. The hypebeast always wins.

santasChristmas Evil

Directed by Lewis Jackson.

Running time 100 min.

Screened via Youtube.

Having already watched all of the Christmas films that star Gary Busey, our podcast moved on to holiday cult classics. If you haven’t heard of this 1980’s classic, you are in luck: slasher flicks, peeping toms, negative body hygiene, and terrible editing make this a holiday no-brainer.

En duva satt på en gren och funderade på tillvaron

Directed by Roy Andersson.

Running time 101 min.

Screened via Netflix.

Interesting aesthetics immediately drew me into this film. I was pleasantly surprised to see an unusual and thought provoking dark comedy. Fortunately, I was in an ideal mood for this type of film. Brush up on your Swedish and dive into this funny and odd dark movie.

Factotum 4

Directed by Bent Hamer.

Running time 94 min.

Screened via Netflix.

Based off the novel of the same name by Charles Bukowski, the story follows the author’s alter ego, Chinaski. The film version suffers from severe miscasting and underwhelming direction. The cast often seems out of place or subdued, distracting from the interesting and, in the novel, meaty subject matter.

The Ridiculous 6

Directed by Frank Coraci.

Running time 119 min.

Screened via Netflix.

The latest film to be released via Netflix is here, and boy, is it underwhelming. There is no arguing that the film is well shot, and like most westerns the film relies heavily on a beautiful backdrop. Unfortunately, the film falls into a racist and unfunny mess almost right out the gate.

The Guest

Directed by Adam Wingard.

Running time 100 min.

Screened via Netflix.

This story starts strong with an engaging and interesting beginning. Unfortunately, the film never matches the speed or intensity of the first act. I spent the remainder of the film hoping for more answers instead of more questions.

The Factory Movie (2)
The Factory

Directed by Morgan O’Neill.

Running time 104 min.

Screened via Netflix.

You gotta love the Cusack Cop, gotta love. It’s probably only second to the Teen Cusack, or the Recently Dumped Cusack (my personal favorite). Cop Cusack searches for a hooker-kidnapping baddie that’s stolen his daughter, and it’s boring. The only criminal here is the pacing.

Blue Ruin

Directed by Jeremy Saulnier.

Running time 90 min.

Screened via Netflix.

The funny thing about watching so many movies is that sometimes I forget to log the films I’ve seen. Blue Ruin is one such film, it’s funny when you start thinking all the shitty 300+ movies start running together. Is the movie good? Yeah, I guess.



Directed by Peter Weir.

Running time 112 min.

Screened via Netflix.

I needed a way to get pumped up for the latest Star Wars release without blowing my load. So I went with the Amish murder classic Witness. A tale of Han Solo falling in love with an Amish woman, all while trying to protect her young son from getting killed by Murtaugh. 


Directed by Sidney Lumet.

Running time 130 min.

Screened via Netflix.

I love Pacino movies. He’s so fun to watch, he’s so believable when he gets all riled up. Serpico is over two hours of cause-fighting, cross-bearing Pacino. Unfortunately, the story starts near the end and then jumps back to the beginning to tell the story in proper order. Ultimately this results in making the film even more sluggish.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Directed by Tomas Alfredson.

Running time 127 min.

Screened via Netflix.

If you are able to stay awake you will be rewarded with a tricky game of riddles and puzzles. I am not joking, this movie is dull and fascinating. The whole trick here is to pay close attention and do everything possible to stay awake. It’s like the British invasion right on your screen.

Duex Jours, Une Nuit

Directed by Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne.

Running time 95 min.

Screened via Netflix.

A slice of life film revolving around an the all-too familiar story about a woman losing her job. What is unique is that the woman talks to all her coworkers attempting to convince them to vote in favor of keeping her on the team, while giving up their bonus. Marion Cotillard is fantastic.



Don Verdean

Directed by Jared Hess.

Running time 90 min.

Screened via PSN Streaming.

I can see this not really being a film for everyone, mainly because it’s not really great or really bad, it’s just somewhere between. However, having gone to private school, I thought it was hilarious, it totally reminded me of all the videos we had to watch in religion classes.

The Gift (2000)

Directed by Sam Raimi.

Running time 111 min.

Screened via Netflix.

Not to be confused with 2015’s The Gift, this Sam Raimi joint is more of a supernatural slow burner. The Gift is a mediocre film with the occasional bizarre and intriguing scene to spice it up. I actually think this would be a perfect candidate for a fan edit, just to make the film a little more interesting and creepier. 

Phoenix (2014)

Directed by Christian Petzold.

Running time 98 min.

Screened via Netflix.

A small cast set to the backdrop of a post WWII Germany. A Jewish woman struggles to understand the events that led to her capture and who she is after reconstructive surgery, essentially gives her a new life. This intimate movie is a powerful story and supercharged with emotions, full of amazing performances.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Directed by J.J. Abrams.

Running time 135 min.

Screened via Alamo Drafthouse.

I apologize, but I refuse to subscribe to the hate mob mentality, I enjoyed The Force Awakens. Is it a cinematic masterpiece? No. Was the movie fun? Yes. Sure, the film is remarkably similar to the original trilogy, but wouldn’t you have been pissed if it wasn’t? Oh and don’t send me anymore click bait articles, thx.

Gimme Shelter (2013)

Directed by Ron Krauss.

Running time 101 min.

Screened via Hulu.

Well the good news is, I watched this 2013 piece of shit so you don’t have to. It’s on Hulu right now, so try to fight back the temptation. This movie is as boring and unoriginal as you might imagine, except that it has the most insane cast: the chick from High School Musical, the guy from Monkeybone, the voice of Darth Vader, and Rosario Dawson.

Don’t Open til Christmas

Directed by Edmund Purdom.

Running time 86 min.

Screened via YouTube.

Another cult christmas horror film attacked by the cult busey on the Gary Buseytown Massacre. This British classic has a little something for everyone, it’s a real jack of all trades film. Lots of things going on, nothing really great. I would just listen to the podcast rather than watch the film.

Jingle All the Way

Directed by Brian Levant.

Running time 79 min.

Screened via Alamo Drafthouse.

Sinbad and Schwarzenegger, how could this film be anything short of amazing? Jingle All the Way is a mess, if you’re concerned with continuity, intelligent characters, or a realistic story. If you’re able to look past all that boring stuff you get the true treasure that is a tale of a shitty dad just trying to get an action figure for Anakin Skywalker.

Die Hard

Directed by John McTiernan.

Running time 131 min.

Screened via Alamo Drafthouse.

The one, true, best Christmas movie of all time. Grab yourself some Twinkies and prepare to go on an action binge. Die Hard is one of those amazing so-Eighties, so-American films.  It’s crazy to think that after this Hans Gruber would move to England and teach the most famous wizard of all.

Love Actually

Directed by Richard Curtis.

Running time 125 min.

Screened via Alamo Drafthouse.

Ugggghhhhh. Gross. Gross. Thank you, Richard Curtis, because of the success of this monstrosity, we can now expect at least one celeb-packed holiday themed movie every year until we die. It’s not the worst, I mean, Liam Neeson is in it. I’m still uncertain if he’s a good dad for encouraging his kid or if he’s a shitty dad for just letting his kid run through the TSA.

It’s a Wonderful Life

Directed by Frank Capra.

Running time 130 min.

Screened via Alamo Drafthouse.

There aren’t enough lazy eyes in the world to trick me into liking this movie, sorry, not sorry. It just doesn’t do it for me, I’m more of a Dickin’s Christmas kind of gal. I mean, I get it: holidays are hard and boring sometimes, but they don’t have to feel like it. I know everyone loves this, my little grinch heart just can’t get into it.

The Monster of Mangatiti

Directed by n/a.

Running time 60 min.

Screened via Hulu Plus.

Technically this is a TV movie but it pulled up on Letterboxd and I’m at the end of the road, so whatever. The story is interesting, and true, but the pacing is really bizarre. I would be interested to learn more about this case, I just wish they would have told the story better.


The Hateful Eight

Directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Running time 168 min.

Screened via Alamo Drafthouse.

I was fortunate enough to score the very last seats for the Christmas weekend release in 70mm Panavision. Oh my, was it beautiful. The technical aspects of this film are truly amazing and it’s easy to spot the beauty in the medium. Similar to a play, the pacing the film moves as fast as it needs to, allowing the audience to soak in the beauty.

Queen of Earth

Directed by Alex Ross Perry.

Running time 90 min.

Screened via Netflix.

Elizabeth Moss delivers a strong performance in this tense exploration of the human psyche and friendship. I had a difficult time locking into the movie at first. I hated the characters so much. However, Perry does something amazing in the second act. He creates a mystery between reality and fiction while bringing the tension to a boiling point.  

Escape From Tomorrow

Directed by Randy Moore.

Running time 90 min.

Screened via Netflix.

No better way to round out an unsuccessful year of watching only 320 movies then a trip to black and white bizarro Disney World. This movie never really gets going. The pacing is incredibly slow and everytime the film starts to get weird and interesting, they pull off the gas and continue plugging along slow as hell.

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