By Molly Jane Kremer and Jarrod Jones. Happy New Comic Book  Day! This is Casual Wednesdays With DoomRocket, where each week we discuss our feelings concerning the comics that mean the most to us, and the industry news that affects us all. This week, MJ & Jarrod celebrate five years of Black Mask Studios with ‘Quantum Teens Are Go’ artist Eryk Donovan. Then they share their Top 5 Most Anticipated Issues of the Week, and assess ‘Batgirl’ Annual #1 and ‘DKIII: The Master Race’ #8. 

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MJ’s Top 5 Most Anticipated Issues:

Batgirl Annual #1 — DC Comics/$4.99

Lazarus #26 — Image Comics/$3.99

Black Widow #12 — Marvel Comics/$3.99

Inhumans Prime #1 — Marvel Comics/$4.99

Hadrian’s Wall #5 — Image Comics/$3.99

Casual Wednesdays Top 5 Most Anticipated Issues of the Week

Jarrod’s Top 5 Most Anticipated Issues:

Quantum Teens Are Go! #2 — Black Mask Studios/$3.99

The Old Guard #2 — Image Comics/$3.99

Star-Lord #5 — Marvel Comics/$3.99

Space Riders: Galaxy of Brutality #1 — Black Mask Studios/$3.99

Animosity #6 — AfterShock Comics/$3.99


'Batgirl' Annual #1 gets reviewed on the latest episode of Casual WednesdaysBatgirl Annual #1

DC Comics/$4.99

Written by Hope Larson and Vita Ayala.

Art by Eleonora Carlini.

Colors by Mat Lopes.

Letters by Deron Bennett.

MJ: One could say I’m a dedicated reader of Batgirl, and one would be correct. I was going to read this annual anyway, but the fact that the two stories contained withing were written by ladies (the second drawn by a lady too) make me even more stoked to read it. Plus, it’s got a Batgirl/Supergirl team-up on the cover. Recommended to fans of either Batgirl or Supergirl, or anyone looking for a fun and light superhero romp.

8.5 out of 10

The eighth issue of 'The Master Race' has finally arrived, and gets the Casual Wednesdays treatmentDKIII: The Master Race #8

DC Comics/$5.99

Story by Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello.

Art by Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson.

Colors by Brad Anderson.

Letters by Clem Robins.

JJ: DKIII may not be the most consistent book, or the most well-written book, but it is the most gonzo book DC is publishing today. And there are plenty of gonzo things in this issue: an open war between Amazonia and the Kryptonian cult, Superman flying a dying Batman towards a Lazarus Pit, and… well, no spoilers. Recommended to anyone with the patience for both Azzarello’s penchant for violence and Miller’s particular brand of psychosis.

6.5 out of 10

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Header image: ‘Quantum Teens Are Go’ by Eryk Donovan, ‘There’s Nothing There’ by Maria Llovet, ‘4 Kids Walk Into A Bank’ by Tyler Boss, and ‘Space Riders: Galaxy of Brutality’ by Alexis Ziritt. (Black Mask Stuidos, 2017)

Casual Wednesdays written and edited by J. Jones, produced by M.J. Kremer and J. Jones.

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