Written by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis.
Art by Pat Olliffe and Tom Palmer.
Colors by Hi-Fi.
Letters by Travis Lanham.
Cover A by Pat Olliffe, Tom Palmer and Hi-Fi.
Cover B by James Harren.

After many, many attempts at proposal, some of them pitiful, some of them sweet, Fred Jones had finally won the heart of Daphne Blake. The world was a grim wasteland of monsters and woe, but at least there was still a chance for love.

And then Fred Jones died.

The fallout of Scooby Apocalypse #25 is still felt in this exclusive first-look at issue #30, courtesy of DC! The famously headstrong Daphne ponders life without Mr. Jones and succumbs to a moment of shocking weakness. This compelling melodrama from Scooby-scribes J.M. DeMatteis and Keith Giffen is fleshed-out in muted atmosphere by artists Pat Oliffe and Tom Palmer, which is underscored by a slate-gray palette from Hi-Fi.

And while Scooby Apocalypse #30 will be zeroing in on the life and current malaise of Daphne Blake, other shocking developments take root in this five-page preview. Daisy Dinkley’s electrical tinkering has zapped Scoobert Doo into a higher level of intelligence! What could possibly happen next? It’s this brand of high-flying dramatics that have made Scooby Apocalypse one of the more compelling reads in DC’s arsenal — don’t you dare miss this latest thrilling installment, out October 10!

$3.99 | T | OCTOBER 10

From DC: This Daphne-centric issue focuses on the history of our favorite monster-killing mistress, from her relationship with her unforgiving father to the tragic death of Fred Jones. But the past has come back to haunt Daphne in the form of a savage new monster that’s hunting her. How can she survive a creature that feeds on her sorrow and guilt?