By Jarrod JonesUndercover is our opportunity to lovingly gaze upon gorgeous works from magnificent artists. Each week, we single out the most striking covers that grace comic book stands and gush all over them. 

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Superman: American Alien #2, by Ryan Sook. (DC Comics)

Clark Joseph Kent is in trouble. That much is apparent in Ryan Sook’s eye-grabbing cover to Superman: American Alien. It’s the little details that make this image that much more distressing: that shiner on young Kent’s face (do we want to see the other guy?), the tears drying on his angry cheeks, and the blood on his shirt that is definitely not from him, Sook gives us enough here to begin crafting a story of our very own. If any cover screamed out to the reader “read this book”, Sook’s front to American Alien #2 would be it.


Batgirl #46, by David LaFuente. (DC Comics)

It’s quite something to stare down the fury of both Barbara Gordon and Stephanie Brown. David LaFuente imbues this image with startling energy, so much so that it gives me an unnerving feeling that I’m about to get my ass kicked. And wouldn’t you know it, “ass-kicking” is one qualifier that should always be present when one describes a Batgirl cover. LaFuente cinches it.


James Bond #2, by Francesco Francavilla. (Dynamite)

It’s true that Dynamite’s James Bond #2 has been out for a couple weeks now, but Dynamic Force’s Virgin cover by Francesco Francavilla is now available for our loving scrutiny. Francavilla takes care to drape his iconic image in foreboding by soiling the Union Jack in the soot and scorch of war, while stating plainly that hope remains by casting it in the long shadow of Her Majesty’s most loyal son, Commander James Bond.


Justice League #46, by Francis Manapul. (DC Comics)

Sleek, explosive, and more than a little mad, Francis Manapul’s cover to Justice League #46 has just enough Kirby in it to remind us all that we’re dealing with some next-level Fourth World shit. It’s complex and full without once becoming too busy; it effectively relates to the viewer that our trusted League has transcended their heroic might by tapping into The Source beyond. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that my favorite New Genesis denizen — Scott Free, alias Mister Miracle — is front and center.


Darth Vader Annual #1, by Leinil Yu. (Marvel Comics)

The blistering white that lies underneath the world’s favorite Dark Lord of the Sith could easily be the placid snow dunes of Hoth, which means Vader is only seconds away from taking a certain rebel base by storm in true Imperial fashion. Leinil Yu allows the fallen Skywalker to strike an intimidating pose, a dark knight poised and ready to do battle. It’s a terrifying thing indeed to have this guy standing in the same room as you; to have him ready to lop off your head with his drawn lightsaber is another thing entirely. What a great image.

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