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'Doc Savage: Ring of Fire' debuted this weekDoc Savage: The Ring of Fire #1


Written by David Avallone.

Art by Dave Acosta.

Colors by Morgan Hickman.

Letters by Taylor Esposito.

BD: With all the melodrama and excitement of pre-war pulp, Doc Savage: The Ring of Fire brings us a black and white tale of us v. them, democracy v. fascism, heroes v. villains, with some fairly perplexing mysteries thrown in to boot.

Things are heating up in the Pacific: volcanoes are inexplicably popping up under US Navy bases and a team of assailants seemingly connected this phenomenon are getting remotely electrocuted once they’ve become compromised by the good guys. Though it remains unclear from whence these puzzling forces came, one thing is almost certain: the same finger is on both buttons.

While Doc Savage is busy hopping a flight to Palmyra to run the president’s errands, his cousin Patricia bookends the issue with premonitions of a different set of troubles. Pat’s friend Amelia Earhart has gone AWOL, and may be in serious trouble. The transition between these two plots is far from seamless, but Avallone and Acosta have proven their pulp prowess with their recent Twilight Zone/The Shadow miniseries, and will no doubt continue to thrill us with their tales featuring The Man of Bronze.

Avallone’s snappy dialogue quickly establishes each character’s function, with the flight crew exchanging knuckle-headed one-liners and the scientist shying away from morphological utterances containing fewer than three syllables. Acosta’s soft tones feel like you’re holding an original Doc Savage cover, slightly faded with time. If you’re in the market for a true-to-form revival of a yesteryear favorite, look no further.

7 out of 10

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